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Cheryl Carson

Hello my name is Cheryl Carson, and I am the Proprietor of Le Chien Professional Dog Grooming salon in Raynes Park, South London.

I have over 17 years experience within the grooming industry and I pride myself on the quality of my work.

All my work is based on British Breed Standards and using my knowledge and expertise will always find the best look that not only suites your dog but also fits into your lifestyle as well,

I left college at seventeen after attaining a 1st Diploma in Animal Care. My first appointment in the industry was to grooming salon owned and run by a senior Kennel Club member. It was in this environment that after serving a strict apprenticeship that I was promoted up through the ranks to a senior groomer.

I bring these standards to every client that comes to Le Chien. Each pet is given the Hollywood star treatment from bathing through to grooming, with nothing left out in between.

Nothing is too much for your beloved pet, for further information on how we can help you at Le Chien, please give us a call on 020 8544 2500.